LAST 2002/02/22:

Since this date the latest code could be found in the CVS repository. Use pegasus_2_4 tag to get 2.4 kernel version of the driver. The default is the development version e.g. 2.5.

  • Here is a patch against v0.4.17 which hopefully should make Pegasus run on a big endian machines. The patch is tested only on PPC so feel free to test it on other BE architectures and drop me a line if something went wrong. Thanks to Roman Weissgaerber.
    Well, it took more than 3 weeks. I am online again but at slightly different location (San Jose, CA). I will release next pegasus patch soon, but i don't want to announce exact date :-) And regarding string-486 pathes - be patient Linus will not accept them right now.

  • Now i hope the problems with pegasus on slow machines are fixed. Also LEDs on Linksys adapters should blink correctly.
    Long standing bug in the driver was fixed. Now ethernet address is assigned at probe() time. This happens to work in the regular case, but ones who are using dhcpd were not so lucky. Thanks to David Carlson.

  • This version of the driver whith bug in link partner detection fixed and corect reset sequence now used for Linksys devices (comments). URBs are now unlinked once on disconnect so there are little less warnings on hot unplug.
    Support for Pegasus II based boards added in this version.

  • Pegasus v0.4.3 - Control messages still are URBs, but i made a step backward - busy wait was removed as it makes angry some people. Anyway this version apears to be more stable than v0.3.x.
    Hmm... consider this also as a test release. Uncomment "#define PEGASUS_USE_WAITQ" and try do debug the damn thing. It appears that control URBs can't be queued on control pipe. I'm still trying to understand who is in charge - the device or the HC(D). Err, test it only on uhci.` Leaving the driver as it is must be a safe choice. Here is the driver.

  • New (0.4) totaly URBifyed version of the driver. Now read/write device's register is possible at any time. Oh, also i replaced register numbers with their respective names.

  • (2000/06/09) - pegasus patch against 2.4.0-test1 which have to solve hot (un)plugging oopses. Oh, and one more adapter ID added.
    Which actually a Kawasaki ID. Anyway it don't hurt. Will be removed in next release.

  • The last (2000/05/23) version of the Pegasus driver which support up to five vendors (12 adapters) and have some bugs fixed. Included in 2.3.99-pre9.

  • Version 0.3 of the driver (patch against 2.3.51) and as separate source.

  • Here is a patch adding Pegasus driver in linux-2.3.48 as it was requested by several people. :-)
  • Linux driver for Pegasus: AN986-USB to 10/100 Ethernet and 1M HomePNA. It should work on v2.3.xx (xx >= 34), but still in development stage. Now compiles cleanly on 2.3.47 and works fine. If you notice some stalls, ifconfig down then up the interface and hopefully you'll have net again ;-)

  • Author: Petko Manolov,
    All Rights and Wrongs reserved